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IFAPA Questionnaire

IFAPA Questionnaire


The following questionnaire is an outcome of the strategic planning initiative and should help prioritize IFAPA actions.

Please send completed forms per fax to Shayke Hutzler +972-3-7511649

Please select target group priorities of IFAPA:

Mark with 3 the most important target group; with 2 a moderate- importance group, with1 a low-importance group, and with 0 an irrelevant group.

o       University and college professors in APA or APA- related professions

o       Graduate (PhD and MA) students

o       Undergraduate students

o       Practitioners in APA or APA-related professions

o       Persons with disabilities (athletes with disabilities; students with disabilities; parents and other family members) as voting members

o       Persons with disabilities only as an advisory board

o       Other (please specify): _______________________.

Please select priorities for action that needs be taken to improve services for membership:  

Mark 3 for very important/urgent action, 2 for moderate important/urgent action, 1 for low important/urgent action,

and 0 for irrelevant action:

    • Merge HK and IFAPA registration
    • Website-based registration supporting IFAPA with APAQ as default option on HK website
    • Member-only environment linked via IFAPA website
    • Distance learning on-line courses under the auspices of IFAPA
    • Electronic newsletter
    • International accreditation under the auspices of IFAPA
    • Other (please specify): ___________________________.


Please take a few minutes to answer some leading questions concerning IFAPA:


1.      Are you an IFAPA member?



2.      When did you first join IFAPA?



3.      Under what circumstances (e.g., at a conference, university, from home)?



4.      Why did you first join?




5.      Have you maintained continuous membership?



6.      Why or why not?




7.      To you personally, are IFAPA membership benefits mostly tangible and product-based (extrinsic) or values-based (intrinsic), or do you not perceive any benefits?




8.      How did writing out your brainstormed values and benefits affect your thinking and feeling?






If you have any further comments please write them down here