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Adapted locomotion

European Judo Union develops an adapted judo network
On December 20th. 2008, During a meeting on the initiative of the European Judo Union (EJU) Special Needs coordinator, the European Judo Union and the International Federation for sport for people with an intellectual disability (INAS-FID) have sign a transitional cooperation agreement. Adapted judo activity of EJU special needs section also includes sensory (hearing and visually impaired) and mobility impaired categoreies including persons with amputations, spinal cord lesions and cerebral palsy.

Adapted bicycle training
Link to Rainbow Trainers Inc. who have developed a unique adapted program to assist acquisition of bicycle riding

Sara Reinertsen - Ironwoman
The amazing story of a young Californian who recently broke any limits of endurance sports with a disability.

An excellent and amazing dace performance of a leg amputated male and arm amputeted female dancers

Capoeira (.pdf) spanish
A martial art, based in music, dance and aerobics aimed toward low income families including the elderly, children and adults with mental disabilities, autism ,and brain paralysis in Columbia.

Budo for the disabled
An adapted judo class, starting from a kneeling position

Inclusive Budo class
A budo class demonstrating a variety of adaptations

Budo for the disabled
Children with severe disabilities in wheelchairs perform a series of Kata movements

RHD prosthesis
Walking and sporting with a prosthesis

Boy with amputation makes gymnastik
Incredible performance of a boy with an AK amputation during regular gymnastics training.

The magic of music in parkinsons' disease
An individual with parkinsons' disease demonstrates the effects of music on his movement.

Poles for hiking and trekking in the outdoors
An ideal adaptation for outdoors mobility in participants with MS; parkinson, and other neuro-motor conditions.

Adapted calisthenics
A final examination in calisthenics for general physical education 12 grade girl with cerebral palsy affecting all her limbs and trunk. The girl studied in a general education high school and currently in college. The item was designed by her adapted physical education teacher who had a weekly session with her as an addition to her physical education classes.

Running of a BK amputee
Close up view of running in a BK amputee

One-legged salsa
Watching this video demonstrates a unique adaptation incorporating skill, musical feeling and atypical use of an assistive device.

Lazy legs: Adapted breakdancing
Amazing video showing breakdancing with and without crutches

Gravity - highly skilled mono-skiing
Video showing various techniques including jumping and sharp turning and braking

Powder mono-skiing
Short video demonstrating highly dkilled mono-skiing in powder deep snow

Getting off the chair lift with bi-ski
Short video demonstrating how to safely get off the chair lift

Bi-ski transfer to chair lift
Short video demonstrating how to transfer a sit ski to the chairlift

Adapted skiing I
First steps in experiencing sit bi-ski

adapted extreme rolling experiences
Video demonstrating a variety of adapted outdoor recreational activities activiites in Colorado.

Jump rope for individuals with overweight
Jump pace adaptation for coping with limited endurance and decreasing drop out

Get up and dance
A video showing a veriety of amazing street dance actions (video removed from Youtube)

Long jump of a young woman with double AK amputation
(video removed from Youtube)

Adapted activity training in a child with multiple limb amputation
Victoria Salcedo from Ecuador demonstrates high performance in a variety of activities

Running training of a young woman with BK amputation
A young woman with double BK amputation showing running training and performance