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Invitation to join PALAESTRA readers

An important characteristic of professionalism is keeping up with knowledge, practices, events, trends, research, and beliefs and actions of notable persons in the field. This commitment to lifetime education (preservice, inservice, continuing education) is enhanced by subscriptions to journals or regular hours in the library set aside for journals only. Palaestra: Forum of Sport, Physical Education & Recreation for Those with Disabilities (generally shortened to Palaestra) is highly recommended to APA professionals who wish to keep up. Founded in 1984, this quarterly journal is much more readable than most, has many photographs, and gives outstanding coverage to disability sport as well as to physical education and recreation.  The comprehensive calendar of events is worth the price of the subscription alone.  IFAPA members often publish in this journal. For example, Greg Reid submitted an excellent series of articles on autism (2003); Laurie Malone on the power of wheelchair soccer (2004); Robert Weber on fishing, a lifetime activity (2005). Interested authors should use www.palaestra.com to obtain a copy of the guidelines for writers.

Palaestra also upholds the philosophy of IFAPA that persons with disabilities should share voice and power. The Editor-in-Chief, David Beaver, has from the beginning appointed professionals with disabilities as field editors and encouraged their submission of articles.  Each Palaestra offers tremendous variety: reviews of research, news articles from almost every disability sport and APA organization in the USA, features for practitioners, update on legislation, a focus on the training and success of one selected athlete; a current issue to facilitate debate, reviews of literature, reviews of books and media, and more!!!

Palaestra costs only $19.95 for 1 yr (4 issues) or $34.95 for 2 yr (8 issues). An additional $8 cost for Canada and $15 for foreign countries is charged for postage. Special rates can be negotiated for university students. For further information, contact Dr David Beaver at challpub@macomb.com or www.palaestra.com or write Palaestra, PO Box 508, Macomb, IL 61455.

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