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Rehabilitation International Commission on Leisure, Recreation and Physical Activities (LRPA) Report

Report of the Rehabilitation International Commission on Leisure, Recreation and Physical Activities (LRPA)




Clermont Simard, Chairperson

Esko Mälkïa Past chairperson

Marjo Rinne, Secretary

Dion Rademeyer, Director


Vision – Mission:


The vision of the LRPA Commission in the strategic plan is to promote active lifestyle at all levels and to all people with disabilities in the field of physical, social and cultural activities.


The mission* is to enhance functioning and participation through leisure, recreation and physical activities (including the sport of disabled people) and get publications available to all.

* In relation with RI Mission: Quality of life of disabled people through rehabilitation is determinant.


The main objective is to build alliance with other organizations and to link with other commissions.




Member Organizations:


APA (Adaptive Physical Activities) should be added to the agenda and contact be establish with IFAPA, EPC, IPC, World Confederation of Physical Therapy (WCPT) AND World Federation of Occupational Therapist (WFOT), etc.



·        Clermont Simard

·        Marjo Rinne

·        Esko Mälkïa

·        Karen DePauw (new approach)

·        Gudrun Doll-Tepper (new approach)

·        Dion Rademeyer

Also included in the Commission: Mr Jan Sau Johansen, Ms Marja Sisko-Aalto and Ms Marjatta Huuhtanen



Contact members (to be in touch):

  • Dion Rademeyer
  • Hélène Chouinard
  • Richard Dufour
  • Doug Nutting
  • Amy Farkas
  • Mike Gillespie
  • Carina Hägglund
  • Inge Morisbak
  • Barbara Trader


N.B: The national secretaries are asked to update the list of the members and their contact information's in Commission on LRPA.


Main Activities by the RI Commission LRPA    ( and)


Plans for the Coming Year



The activities are according to the Vision - Mission and Main objectives of the Commission:
·        To reactivate the Commission;


·        To identify and build alliances with other organizations;


·        Promote the use of the International Classification of Functioning, disability and Health;


·        To contact and associate with experts;


·        To share information and activities with IDISWG;


·        To prepare a world event with Leisure, Park and Outdoor Activities.



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